NOV 2022                        
Ethos Onderzoek HU begeleidingscommissie

SEPT 2022                       
Expert group ‘Social Network First?’ A collaboration between HVO-Querido, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Salvation Army, PerMens, Cordaan, CQ and other partners in Amsterdam and Haarlem.

MAY/JUN 2020              
Assessment Committee Municipality of Utrecht Basic care homeless in the Utrecht region

JAN/FEB 2020                
Advisory Committee Council for Public Health and Society ‘Advice Homelessness, Recovery starts with a house’.

2018- Present                
Member of the Supervisory Committee Raak Onderzoek AUAS ”Neighbourhood-oriented interventions for the inclusion of people with disabilities”

2007- Present                
Reviewer at Public Organization Review, Springer.

Advisory Committee Combined Walk-in Facility ‘Restart’ Salvation Army, Utrecht.