Supervised Master Students University of Amsterdam

Lonne van Hintzbergen, UvA, 2021. Is there Light at the End of the Tunnel? Future Visions of Long-term Undocumented Elderly

Elsa Depalle Gougeon, UvA, 2021. Recentering the Margins: Homemaking and Dwelling in Transitional Housing

Rowin Krom, UvA, 2021. Competitiveness, Blessing or Curse? A Qualitative Study on How Experiences of Competitiveness Influence Beneficial Aspects of Team Sports.

Floor Steenge, UvA, 2021.What is Measured is Managed; Beware of Precision with a Lack of Vision

A comparative Study among Managers Implementing Diversity Policies of Case A and B

Anna Piccinini, UvA, 2021. Sinking your Teeth into Food Symbolism. A study on How Lockdown has Impacted the Symbolic Role of Food for Italians

Julie Hopmans, UvA, 2020. Vulnerability and Stigmatisation in the Narratives of Dutch Homeless Women. An Intersectional Approach on Gender, Race, and Social Class

Milio van der Kamp, UvA, 2020. Underrepresented Youth and Political Involvement: Towards a Model of Meaningful Youth Participation

Supervised Master Students Utrecht University

Chahida Bouhamou, Utrecht University, 2019. Turning the Tide. An Overview of Strategies used by Traditionalists and Progressives in the Netherlands to empower Dutch People of Color.

Marcia Bochem, Utrecht University, 2019. Prevention as a Key to Avoid Relapsing into Homelessness. Exploring the role of prevention after relapsing into homelessness and during the transition process into independent living.

Emmely van Dijk, Utrecht University, 2019. Housing Everyone. Exploring the Role of Assumptions on Community Integration and the Capabilities of People with Severe Mental Illness in Explaining the Implementation of Housing First Programs.

Marte Kuijpers, Utrecht University, 2019. Returning Homeless. Exploring the influence of support from (in)formal social networks on homeless persons’ capabilities to remain stably housed after transitioning from sheltered to independent housing.

Pytrik Wijbenga, Utrecht University, 2019. The Invisible Children. The Unseen Victims of Interparen­tal Violence.

Tex Visser, Utrecht University, 2019. A Qualitative Research into the Deinstitutionalization of Homeless People.

Francien Bouwman, Utrecht University, 2019. Motives and Ambivalences of Religious Informal Care­givers.

Niels Bolderman, Utrecht University, 2018. Zelfstandig wonen met begeleiding, voor iedereen die dat kan. Ambulantisering volgens Beleidsmakers wonen en corporaties

Claudia Arends, Utrecht University, 2017. Participation for Individuals with a Severe Mental Illness: Can Support Therein be Supportive? A qualitative study into the supportiveness of traditional and socially innovative measures aimed at stimulating participation.

Anna Berendsen, Utrecht University, 2017. Dagbesteding Nieuwe Stijl. Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar ervaringen van kwetsbare ouderen en professionals met de transformatie van de dagbesteding onder invloed van de Wmo 2015.

Bart Willemsen, Utrecht University, 2017. Keuzes en beslissingen van de sociaal werker van het so­ciale wijkteam ten aanzien van Geweld in Afhankelijkheidsrelaties.