Based at the University of Amsterdam and working within the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), this research project aims to contribute to various issues concerned with homelessness and the transformation and decentralization of homeless support practices in the Netherlands. These issues are put forward by various Dutch municipalities, regions and partners from the local professional practice.

Through longitudinal qualitative research our interviewers collect experiences and perspectives on client, executive and policy level by means of an integrated research design for research, policy and practice. The perspectives of participants (with histories) in social shelters and sheltered housing are central to our research. To this end, our researchers work in close collaboration with trained peer-support workers during different phases of the research process. In addition interviews with local professionals such as social support actors, policymakers, housing companies, mental health care providers and police representatives are conducted to identify explanations for outcomes at client level.

As such, this research project provides municipalities with administrative advice and explanations from different perspectives, most crucially those of clients themselves. The aim of our research is develop cooperative learning practices; to collaboratively learn on the basis of experiential knowlegde and provide input for changes in policy and practice. During our five year research project, annualy recurring give-and-take meetings are organized where interim results will be discussed with municipalities and local professionals.

Additionally, academic findings and local best practices are shared by Dr. Nienke Boesveldt and Michiel van Hees (process manager for Dutch municipalities and health organizations) by means of an executive programme for Dutch professionals in social welfare and sheltered housing. The programme offers local professionals knowledge, inspiration, new tools and a network to further develop local policy and practices.

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